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Personalized online training opportunities tailored just for your career growth

Data Entry

Learn essential data entry skills for career advancement opportunities.


Master transcription skills for career advancement and professional opportunities.

Website Development

Learn website development for career growth and digital entrepreneurship.

Graphics Design

Master graphics design for creative careers and visual communication excellence.

Software Development

Master software development for versatile tech careers and innovation opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Data

Learn AI data collection for advancing insights and technological innovation.

Digital Marketing

Master digital marketing for strategic online presence and business growth.

Content Writing

Master content writing for effective communication and online engagement strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Master search engine optimization for maximizing online visibility and audience reach.

E-commerce Management

Master e-commerce management for successful online business operations and growth.

Social Media Management

Master social media management for effective online presence and engagement.

Computer Packages

Master computer packages for essential skills in productivity and digital literacy.

Best digital skills Trainings at
Tenp Ajira Club

The Eldoret National Polytechnict, 4461-30100 Eldoret, Uasin Gishu

Unlock your potential with the best digital skills training at Tenp Ajira Digital Club. Our tailored programs empower you with cutting-edge knowledge in web development, digital marketing, data analysis, and more. Join us to thrive in today’s digital economy and secure a successful career in the online world.

Whether you’re aiming to master software development, enhance your graphic design expertise, or delve into Data Entry, Tenp Ajira Digital Club provides comprehensive training led by industry experts. Our hands-on approach ensures practical skills application, preparing you for diverse opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Embrace innovation and join our vibrant community today.

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$ 200

We Develop Fast and Swift Website for any Organization and Any Purpose.



We Sell Our Club T-Shirts, Printed for a Better  Feel.



We Design, Develop and Maintain Softwares Both Projects and Production.

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Tree Planting Event

Tenp Ajira Digital Club from Eldoret National Polytechnic actively participated in a campus tree planting event, contributing to sustainability efforts and fostering biodiversity within the campus environment.

– By Mr. Mutai Kennedy


Developers Who Did A Good Work Ensuring Tenp Ajira Digital Club’s Online Presence

Brian Egesah

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